Mr. Shahid Hussain Raja has a vast experience of government and corporate sectors, acquired while holding various management positions in the federal and provincial governments in Pakistan and working as a commercial attaché in the Embassy of Pakistan, Rome, Italy. His expertise covers;

  • Structural analysis of public policies, their implementation and impact to gauge their efficiency and effectiveness
  • Imparting training to mid-level and senior government officers for improving their decision making and service delivery skills.
  • Formulation of viable agriculture sector policies and strategies for enhancing the sustainability and profitability
  • Investigation and prosecution of high profile corruption cases of public office holders

Serving as Secretary/Additional Secretary to the government of Pakistan in three different ministries, namely railways, food and agriculture, and privatization commission respectively, he was responsible for providing inputs   to the Prime Minister and his cabinet for formulating policies relating to food security, agricultural development, privatization of state owned enterprises, and improvement of railways and power generation entities. Once approved, he implemented these policies by marshalling and effectively utilizing the human and financial resources available.

Similarly serving as secretary to the provincial government of Punjab, the largest province of Pakistan with 80 million population, in three different departments namely health, food and forest respectively he assisted the chief minister and his cabinet in formulating policies for the improvement of these sectors and then implemented the approved policies by strategic management of the resources.

He also actively participates in helping civil society and social welfare by initiating and implementing various projects particularly related to sports, health, education and special children from the platform of Major Raja Hamid Mahmood Memorial Trust, an NGO co-founded by him in memory of his late elder brother.


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