“Why people treat me like that”…?

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“He pulled my arm and asked me, Madam, who has invited you? Why you came here? She was shocked and surprised, “I was invited by organizers to attend this consultation…” she said having her plate in her hand when a waiter of renowned local private hotel probed her in a very humiliating tone during lunch time. “But your organizers said that they don’t recognize you…” With tears in her eyes, she said that “talk to them and they will inform you” but this episode left her in deep thought of “why me”..? “Why everytime people treat me like this”…? The matter was taken up with hotel management and at last, they apologized on misbehaving with one of the transgender participants in an extremely important consultation.

Why it is so? Why people treat people who are different from them in a different rather humiliating way?  Why class matters? Why people think…

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About Shahid Hussain Raja

An independent consultant with specialization in agriculture sector policies, food security, civil service and governance reforms, capacity building of senior government officers and prosecution of high profile corruption cases in developing countries.
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