Shiva Cafe

Journey to the soul

FILE2105.JPGOn the day one of the trip, we had lunch at Trek n Dine Cafe. Post that we decided to visit Bhagsu Naag Temple and water fall. We decided to walk the whole distance.

20180309_171909.jpgTo our disappointment, the waterfall had almost no water. My friends told me that it’s not the case during the monsoons. Since we were already there, we decided to walk a little more and check out Shiva Cafe.

20180309_175605.jpgWe were already very tired from the overnight journey and walking, that’s why the trek upto Shiva Cafe was exhausting. We took many stops to sit and take pictures.

20180309_175551.jpgLet me tell you the trek is worth it. The place is so unique and has very different vibes to it. It’s the kind of place I can sit for hours. A book in hand and my music is all I would need.

20180309_175458.jpgThe place has a great view…

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About Shahid Hussain Raja

An independent consultant with specialization in agriculture sector policies, food security, civil service and governance reforms, capacity building of senior government officers and prosecution of high profile corruption cases in developing countries.
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