Who is mysteriously supplying weapons to ISIS in Afghanistan?



Image Source: www.embrussia.ru

In a interesting turn of events, the Russian foreign ministry recently claimed that there were reports of ‘unidentified’ helicopters supplying arms to ISIS in Afghanistan, soon before the group captured a strategic part of the Tora Bora mountain complex.

It is also being reported the helicopter might belong to the Afghan army, who is allegedly supporting the ISIS-Khorasan – a group known for its anti-Pakistan attacks and activities. Yet, at this point in time, nothing can be claimed with certainty as Afghan MP Zahir Qadir is blaming the US army for the ISIS supply of weapons.

Below is the official press release of Maria Zakharova, official spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry:

We’ve taken note of new reports about unmarked helicopters ferrying the fighters of ISIS Afghan branch, as well as weapons and munitions for them, in eastern Afghanistan.

On June 14, ISIS captured a large part of…

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