Large Scale Integration of Renewables in Pakistan a Possible Option

Saadia Qayyum

Energy generated by intermittent renewable sources (solar and wind) is vulnerable to large fluctuations, as their force and occurrence at a defined site cannot be controlled. Un-forecasted solar and wind power fluctuations can therefore increase spinning reserve requirements, and drive up the electricity generation costs. Further, large ramp events such as thick cloud cover can affect power system frequency stability.

In Pakistan, opponents of renewable energy frequently cite the intermittency issue to justify adding coal and RLNG plants into our energy mix instead of solar and/or wind. However, with the improvement in technology, this intermittency issue is now manageable and can no longer be used as an excuse for not increasing the share of solar and wind energy.

Given below are the various ways,  the policy makers and the system and grid operator can address the intermittency issue:

Hybrid Projects

Combining wind and solar projects in the same location can increase…

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