The Myth of Marriage and Pukirev’s ‘Unequal Marriage’

Angry on Fridays

I was innocently searching for portraits of young Queen Victoria in floral headdresses (don’t ask), when I came across this painting on a blog called Wedding Clan: All About Wedding.

The Unequal Marriage (1862) by Vasily Pukirev

This is the description that came with the painting:

 “The Arranged Marriage by Wassili Pukirew is almost photorealistic in nature. The bride is depicted looking down as the priest begins the wedding proceedings. It’s difficult to gauge her expression as many emotions play across her pale face. The young bride is surrounded by men and an elderly gentleman who could very likely be her father standing by her side.” – Sonia Renthlei, Wedding Clan

Now, I don’t expect information on the internet to be always accurate, but I am a bit surprised how off the mark the author of this piece is. First of all, the painting is called ‘The Unequal Marriage’. It was, in fact, painted…

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